Risk intelligence platform Aylien scores €5m in funding

Risk intelligence platform Aylien scores €5m in funding

Aylien, a risk intelligence and financial analytics solution, has scored €5m in its Series A round.

FinTech Ethic and Risks – Module 6 Roundup: Positive Impact of FinTech

The final roundup of FinTech Ethics and Risks MOOC discussing the positive impact of FinTech.

Join the first and only MOOC on FinTech Ethics and Risks, available on edX at http://hku.to/FinTech-Ethics.

Quantexa’s Contextual Decision Intelligence Platform

Discover how you can unlock the power of your data with context by using Quantexa’s Contextual Decision Intelligence Platform.

Risk Analytics | Charlie Sanchez | Deloitte

How are risk organizations handling drastic change in the digital world? Deloitte’s Charlie Sanchez discusses how risk analytics allow organizations to bring data driven approaches to asses and drive change. See how risk analytics is a part of the oil & gas digital transformation here: http://digital-oil-and-gas.deloitte.com/

Risk Intelligence – Knowing Risk

Risk Intelligence is a leading, trusted and reliable partner, acting with integrity and expertise to deliver a dynamic, clear and accessible end-to-end solution. We are a dynamic world leader in risk assessment and planning, offering comprehensive support with our end-to-end risk alert system and 24 hr watch team of risk experts. Risk Intelligence has been specialising in analysing threats from and interaction between piracy, organised crime, terrorism, insurgency and military conflicts since 2001. Our team is dedicated, resourceful and hard working and draws from international experience from diverse backgrounds.

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