Mastercard on how cross-border payments has evolved since the pandemic

Mastercard on how cross-border payments has evolved since the pandemic

Rasika Raina, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Transformation, Cross Border Services, Mastercard speaks in the lead up to EBAday 2022 about the evolution of cross-border payments. We discuss the major shift in payment behavior from consumers and businesses since the pandemic, how it changed the nature of cross-border payments, how the financial industry responded to these demands, and what need…

Borderless payments – what’s changing within the world of cross border payments

The SUMMIT is Canada’s premier payment conference. On April 26 – 28, 2022, The 2022 SUMMIT brought together the best thinkers, visionaries and disruptors to discuss the future of payments in Canada and around the globe. Explore how modern payments will create new opportunities for us as a nation, as an industry, and as individuals. Learn more at thesummit.ca.

Ramesh Jayakrishnan, VP, New Payments Platforms, Mastercard
Kristina Logue, Chief Financial Officer, Payments Canada

Very few segments within the vast world of payments have attracted more interest and funding than cross-border payments. With international trade, global immigration and resettlement continuing to grow year over year, global economies, businesses and consumers are becoming increasingly interdependent. With so many enhancements, developments and deployments of real-time payment systems and seamless domestic money-movement solutions in place, there is an ever-increasing need and expectation across businesses and consumers for seamless cross-border payments, and in real time.

Join Kristina Logue, CFO of Payments Canada, as she hosts a fireside chat on cross-border payments with Ramesh Jayakrishnan VP of New Payments Platforms at Mastercard, as they discuss challenges, changes and opportunities within the world of cross-border payments.

Facilitating Cross-Border Opportunities for SMEs

According to a World Bank Group study, there are an estimated 25-30 million formal small and medium size enterprises in the world. They contribute up to 60% of total employment and up to 40% of national income in emerging economies. That is why Mastercard brought thought leaders together to discuss the challenges SMEs face today and the opportunities available to them in the digital age. To learn more visit: mastercardbiz.com

Ripple XRP – Mastercard & Fable Team up for Cross Border Payments!

Ripple XRP – Mastercard & Fable Team up for Cross Border Payments!
Fable Fintech is a common partner for Ripple and Mastercard. Fable and Mastercard just teamed up to enable cross border payments. Could Ripple be involved?

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Mastercard Send – Cross Border Payments

A first-of-its-kind push payments service, Mastercard Send helps banks modernize their cross-border services to drive an improved experience for consumer and corporate end-users.

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